With the release of MIDP 2.0 Sun made it pretty easy to create MIDlet games. MGDK is (going to be) a set of classes and tools which hopefully makes it even easier...

Content overview

Overview of contents

Current content


The "host" of the game, handles input and drawing. Contains the main game loop.


A animatable and moveable game object. Extends the standard Sprite with easier creation from an resource image file, more animationsets and delays in animations.


A MSprite escpecially for sprites that move in 8 directions.


A background map or level in a game. Extends the standard TiledLayer (map) with the ability to load a map from a resource file or load/save it to/from a RecordStore (on the host device).


A tool that converts textfiles that contain map data into binary files that can be used to create a MMap. The textfile can be created for hand or with a mapeditor like Mappy.


Actually there are plenty of good mapeditors out there, but this is one created especially for MGDK so that you won't have to export and convert maps before you can use them.

Planned content


An extension of MMap to allow maps with hex-shaped cells.


Another extension to allow maps with a isometric perspective (fake 3D)


A tool to assist in the creation of animation sequences for sprites. Which images, delays and stuff like that.


Any suggestions? They are very welcome, please add them as Feature Requests at SourceForge.
Updated May 26 2003